Hello ODRADEK collective,

My work for the project ODRADEK is conceived in such a way that the entire process of creating the work is public. Based on John Cage‘s idea for the composition „Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano“, that the pianist, when playing the piano, should not have the feeling of playing the piano, my idea is not to draw, but to follow the suggestions that the „space“ gives.
With the term space, I understand not only the architectural space or the space around the architectural space, but the space of possibility. The architectural space is transformed into a drawing medium that transcends its own limitations and allows me, the one who is in it, the draughtswoman, to explore my procedures: that one grows out of the other, that the time curve bends and the drawing anticipates or recalls. The work is kept in process until the end. In this immediate, processual approach, there is a stronger focus on experimentation than before.
A possible setting
The walls and floor are lined with paper. I leave out the ceiling and the windows. There are hooks on the walls and ceiling. There I attach ropes to which things are fastened that will leave traces in the room with my help. Triggered by my movements in the space, a drawing is created. I will continue to develop the work in a processual / performative way. Visitors can follow the process. At intervals there will be an exchange between the artist and visitors.

Transfer and resonance

Upon her arrival in residence at the beginning of July, Katja Pudor, immediately occupied her territory by covering the walls with sheets of paper more than three meters high. The first exhibition room facing the street was thus wrapped from the walls to the floor included.

In the whiteness of the paper and the space that has become receptacle, the artist places herself in position to trigger the action of drawing-writing while playing her instruments, brushes-prostheses extending her body.

The body is an integral part of the arranged space, integrated in order to function as a sounding board. Katja Pudor, like the musician, plays with her instruments, composes a writing-signs that extends into the space by a particular presence to herself. The artist, transformed into a dancer, displays on the paper a written-danced account of the movements dictated to her by her inner sound. The writing then spreads, expands, amplifies in the inscribed space that become vibrant.

These signs that radiate through their presence and transfer their energy allow a rebound to the other side of writing, that of music, of choreography, of stage arts or other multiple possibilities. This actualization and materialization can then serve as a reading grid and be interpreted by choreographers and musicians.

Everything happens as if in the wake of the body that gives itself and reflects upon itself, the graphic arrangement of the walls from the inside opened to the outside. Katja Pudor aims to overcome our most tenacious separations, namely: writing-vs-signs, writing-vs-dance-vs-music.

Katja Pudor is a body that is prolonged, that folds and unfolds from the inside to the outside to the rhythm of standing up and lying down.

Simone Schuiten

Grants / Residencies

2023 Research Residence, Künstlergut Prösitz, Germany
2020 Working Grant „Neustart Kultur“, Stiftung Kunstfonds, Bonn
2016 Artist in Residence, Schloss Wiepersdorf, Brandenburg / Germany
2015 Artist in Residence, Hotel Pupik, Scheifling, Steiermark / Austria
2013 Artist in Residence, Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin / Germany
2011 Artist in Residence, Künstlergut Prösitz, Sachsen/ Germany
2009 Work Grant from the Senator of Culture Affairs, Berlin / Germany
Artist in Residence, Altes Spital, Solothurn / Swizerland
Artist in Residence, Künstlergut Prösitz, Sachsen / Germany
2008 Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt art IT, Berlin / Germany
1999- Grant Hans Böckler Stiftung, Düsseldorf / Germany

Exhibitions / Solo

2023 Gerade, die Linie!, (with Daniela Wesenberg) Kunsthaus Erfurt, Erfurt / Germany
The prepared room _I don‘t draw, I play, ZEICHENRAUM eine Zeichnung entsteht, Berlin / Germany
Le temps. L‘espace. Le corps., zf _projektraum, Berlin / Germany
The inner voice, Odalisque, Berlin / Germany
2022 I feel like a Dancer, a Choreographer, a Pianist, Art Society Würzburg, Würzburg / Germany
Geradezu in den Raum hinein, (with Hannes Norberg), Palais for Contemporary Art, Glückstadt / Germany
2021 I feel like a dancer, a choreographer, a pianist, alte feuerwache project space, Berlin / Germany
2020 from now for the day after tomorrow., curated by Ulrike Mundt, Artbox Dresden / Germany
2019 Manipulating the archive #3, curated by L‘oiseau présente, House of Statistics, Berlin / Germany
2017 Archaeological records, berlin-weekly, Berlin / Germany
2016 Motion detector, (with Gabriella Klein / ISR), Pavillon am Michhof, Berlin / Germany
2015 _verbindungen, TRANSFORMATION IV, Temporäre Galerie am Campus Rütli, Berlin / Germany
2014 Round steps behind lines, Galerie Hammerschmidt + Gladigau, Erfurt / Germany
2012 Seitenbewegung, SCHAURAUM, Nürtingen / Germany
Kreuze! Triff eine Unterscheidung! (with Anne Gathmann), Stedefreund, Berlin / Germany
überschreitungswahrscheinlichkeit, Gallery Funke, Berlin / Germany
2011 Turbulenzen in den Ecken, Kunsthaus Erfurt, Erfurt / Germany
2010 Salon Berlin, Saarländisches Künstlerhaus Saarbrücken / Germany
2009 Degrees of frost, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Project Deutsche Stiftung Kulturlandschaft, Lelkendorf / Germany
On the sunny side of the street, Architecture Forum, Solothurn / Switzerland
Group Shows (Selection – 2018)
2023 It takes more than two to tango, Gallery Carolyn Heinz, Hamburg / Germany
PULS, Artists in Residence, Grimma / Germany
was ordnet was stört, /tmp – Projektraum für zeitgenösissche Kunst, Minden / Germany
2022 Beyond the drawing, ZAK / Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin / Germany
Worin unsere Stärke besteht, curated by Andrea Pichl, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin / Germany
Überdruck, Gallery Carolyn Heinz, Hamburg / Germany
Enclosed Space II, curated by Kai Richter, Kunstraum Brauer, Köln / Germany
Density/Scarcity, THE LINE MIAMI, curated by Joana Fischer, Miami / USA
Enclosed Space, BcmA _Arts Projects Space, Berlin / Germany
Anonymous Drawings, Gallery im Körnerpark, Berlin / Germany
ALLES IV, Studio im Hochhaus, Berlin / Germany
JUBILEE X, frontviews at HAUNT, Berlin / Germany
2021 XL/XS, Gallery Vincenz Sala, Berlin / Germany
Les écrits, Gallery Vincenz Sala, Berlin / Germany
To a new whole, Loop – Space for contemporary art, Berlin / D
Snitches get stitches, frontviews at HAUNT, Berlin / D
Mise en Scéne, Künstlerhaus Sootbjörn, Hamburg / D
2020 NORTH BY NORTHEAST, Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin / D
WECHSELRAUM, ein Projekt von Ulrike Mohr, Haus der Statistik, Berlin/ D
0+255, curated by Andrea van Reimersdahl, HaL, Studio Galerie, Berlin / D
paperfile @ POSITIONS Art Fair 2020, oqbo | raum für bild wort ton, Berlin / D
20 / 20 – 100 Years BERLIN, SCHOELER.BERLIN, Berlin / Germany
CollAge, Semjon Contemporary, Gallery for contemporary art, Berlin / Germany
2019 Fleeting drafts, Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlin / Germany
Verve, curated by DAG, Milchhof Pavillon, Berlin / Germany
Art against right, curated by Dirk Teschner, Botschaft, Berlin / Germany
Under power, Turbinenhalle am Stienitzsee, Endmoräne e.V. , Rüdersdorf / Germany
the horizon looks different from afar. II / pilote contemporary at CLB, Berlin / Germany
To put on paper, Errant Sound Project Space, Berlin / Germany
0+255, curated by Andrea van Reimersdahl, Meinblau, Berlin / Germany
The appearance of things, scotty, Project space for contemporary art, Berlin / Germany
the horizon looks different from afar. / pilote, Kunstq. Bethanien, Berlin / Germany
ALLES II, Studio im Hochhaus, Berlin / Germany
2018 WECHSELRAUM, a project by Ulrike Mohr, Wildbad Rothenburg / Germany
Blick Fang, Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, Kaufbeuren / Germany
ANONYMOUS DRAWINGS, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin / Germany
on painting #2, curated by Katja Windau, Gallery Bridget Stern, Hamburg / Germany
Prolog X8_die Kunst für die Kunst_l‘Art pour l‘Art, KuLe, Berlin / Germany
S W, curated by Andrea van Reimersdahl, Berlin – Weekly, Berlin / Germany
(Un)Defining Relations, curated by Mica Dvir and Adi Liraz, CIRCLE1, Berlin / Germany
Publications (only Monographs)
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