After studying architecture, Olivier Pestiaux went to work for two years in Morocco. Back in Belgium, due to an accident, he reoriented his professional career as an architect towards the audio-visual sector while simultaneously leading various artistic projects and participating in various collaborations. In 2014, he exhibited for the first time a personal work initiated immediately after his accident and developed over a period of 18 years. In 2018, he ended his professional activity in the audio-visual sector in order to facilitate the development of his artistic practice (research carried out mainly within an institutional framework).

According to Marie-Aude Baronian, “Olivier Pestiaux’s work unceasingly evokes the impulses that of the stroke, sometimes dotted, sometimes sweeping; those of inspiration, now poised, now impulsive. This enables him to create a rhythmic movement, composed of “micro-breaths” forming constellations that seen to spread infinitely. The flow of his drawing mirrors that of Nature, similarly to a poetic writing of time and space”.

Olivier PESTIAUX, variations p5, ODRADEK