Kiran KATARA paints; draws. She studied architecture and then, while working as an architect, studied drawing. In 1997 she began her personal artistic work characterized by the horizontal line. First in charcoal on canvas, using assemblages linked to intuitive mathematics, later in ink on paper working with rhythms close to writing, she is keen to work with great simplicity of content and materials. The support takes an important place in her approach, whether by the long preparation of the fabrics or by the choice of rare papers. The black or intense blue inks are applied and deposited, allowing the blanc spaces, sometimes already marked by time or manual work, to become expressive. These marks are at times textures close to the written text,  at times “poetryscapes” allowing the spatiality of surfaces to speak, or sometimes even figures emerging from the traces and duly “annotated”. They are always an invitation to travel or rest in the thoughts inspired by the emerging drawing. Kiran Katara currently teaches architecture and drawing at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta at ULB.





1990 – 1995

Architecture Studies, ISA Saint-Luc, Brussels


Worked with Anant Raje, Ahmedabad, India

1997 – 2007

Art Studies, ABK, Brussels

1997 – 2007

Practising as an architect in Belgium and Luxembourg

1997 – 2002

Art Teacher , EPS Saint-Luc, Scenography Section, Brussels

2008 – 2020

Architecture and Drawing Teacher, Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta, ULB, Brussels



1990 – 1995 Studies of Architecture, ISA St Luc, Brussels.

1996 Travel to India, collaboration with architect Anand Raje, Ahmedabad.

1996 – 2006 Architecture (collaborations).

1997 – 2004 Training in drawing and painting in Guy Leclercq’s studio, Akademie voor Beeldende Kunsten (ABKA), Brussels.

1998 – 2003 Teaching of drawing, ESTE St-Luc scenography section, Brussels.

1998 Group exhibition, Beeldende Kunst Akademie, Leuven.

1999 Collective exhibition, Crédit Agricole headquarters, Brussels. Collective exhibition, ABKA, Brussels.

2000 Personal exhibition with Elisabeth Barmarin, Els Van Droogenbroeck, Marleen Van Moere, Volvo Pro Arte, Ghent.

2001 Collective exhibition, ABKA, Brussels. 2002 Artist path, Itinér’Art, Anderlecht.

2003 Collective exhibition “Winterkleuren”, Maison Pelgrims, Saint-Gilles. Winner (1st prize) of the “Winterkleuren” painting competition, Saint-Gilles.

2004 Saint-Gilles artist trail, group exhibition “Intermezzo”, invited by the alderman of Flemish Affairs. Collective exhibition, ABKA, Brussels.

2005 Group exhibition “Walking Through Pictures”, Volvo Pro Arte, Ghent. Collective exhibition “Walking Through Pictures”, ABKA, Brussels. Individual exhibition, “Nocturnes”, Délices Architectes, Schaerbeek.

2006 Artist path of Saint-Gilles. Exhibition “European Meetings of Contemporary Art in Beaumesnil”, Bois-Normand-près-Lyre, France.

2007 Collective exhibition “Winterkleuren II”, Amart gallery, Saint-Gilles.

2008 Collective exhibition “Winterkleuren laureaten”, Amart gallery, Saint-Gilles.

2010 -…. Teaching of drawing and architecture, Faculty of Architecture La Cambre – Horta (ULB), Brussels.

2015 “Encres” exhibition at ODRADEK.

2017 “Diagrams” exhibition at ODRADEK.

2019 “Encyclopedias” exhibition at ODRADEK.


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