EXHIBITION | Saint-Gilles


01/12/2022 à 18:00


07/01/2023 à 16:00


From 02/12/2022 to 07/01/2023

Migrant signs

For her new exhibition, Kiran Katara gives free rein to graphics in symbiosis with poetry and music. A few ink strokes of the artist were enough to attract the attention of Laurence Vielle, who decided to lend them her voice and to entrust Vincent Granger with their musical arrangement.

Answering the call of the traces deposited on the paper in the manner of the movement of a cloud of starlings or a school of fish, the poetess and the musician put themselves in tune.

The exhibition illustrates an interactive practice that brings together wordless writing, figureless drawing, sound diction and unbridled poetry with music as an all-encompassing binder.

“Murmuration” immediately refers to the rustling of a flock of birds and already the sky enjoins us to look upward. For sure, nothing in this exhibition holds us down and makes us keep our feet on the ground. We are invited to decentre ourselves and to make ourselves available to the different prompts gravitating around us.

A visual and acoustic take-off is proposed in order to free us from the constraints of the decipherable and readable. Our eyes, our ears and with them all our other senses, finding new affinities, enter in conversation with the vital energy and start to communicate.

With the evocation-invocation of a swirl of signs, we are taken into the atmosphere where breath and energy allow to reverse an existing formation and to break the locks of the cage containing our consciousness.

These calls whispered by a transformed breath open up space and time in which multiple possibilities become available again.

In a reversal of direction, Kiran Katara’s graphs give us back our fundamental freedom, which Laurence Vielle and Vincent de Vries exalt, like a flight of starlings.

Event during the exhibition: performance chorégraphique de Michèle Noiret,  lecture poétique de Laurence Vielle, performance musicale de Vincent Granger. https://vimeo.com/838652873