Niki Kokkinos chez ODRADEK
EXHIBITION | Saint-Gilles


27/09/2018 à 00:00

‘Périples’ at ODRADEK’s

From 28/09/2018 to 27/10/2018

The proliferation of folds: a new grammatical lay-out

Niki Kokkinos presents works based on a practice of reassembling and reorganizing Space-Time at ODRADEK’s.
The artist has been using paper or polyester materials to multiply them by folding and twisting them for a long time. Niki Kokkinos challenges Space-Time, she creates new ones by manipulating them. They are turned inside-out, opposed to the logic of their flat supporting structures. There are no more centers in the pieces, the artist tackles the paper rigidity, the edges are folded inward into the piece which becomes visible on both sides. Each pleat harbors a promising potential. As the paper is not delimited, the artist needs to leave traces of its treatment and manipulation that resulted in markings. These are records of events that have thus accord. It means preserving marks of different Space-Time sequences. In each finished booklet the artist tells maze-like stories whose geography is variable.

Through this drastic folding treatment of a map showing her ancestors’ Greek islands, Niki Kokkinos leaves the known realm, just a Ulysses did. Like him, she departs from straight itineraries. Sideways offer us surprising possibilities. Because of the inside-out process our outlook on the world is transformed. New vistas free our imagination from its rational frame.
From one single and same background, the assembled and disassembled supporting structure changes whilst yet is remaining consistent. It obeys the artist’s will, who like Mallarme and Borges, takes chances by multiplying perspectives to infinity.

Simone Schuiten