Plastic artist Niki Kokkinos lives and works in Belgium.
She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels. She holds a postgraduate degree in Philosophy of Art, Paris XII University and a degree in law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Her solo exhibitions date back to 2000, with the latest being showcased in Belgium, Bulgaria, France and Thailand.
Apart from papers, Niki kokkinos also works on polyester films, marine canvas and participate in outdoors « land art » installations. Her practice begins with the act of folding. This creates the space and structure of the picture. She mostly works on large sheets of Japanese paper which are painted in a  random process of folding which varies the edges and centers of the picture in unexpected ways.
Niki Kokkinos also uses a sewing machine as a drawing and writing tool on canvas and paper. The limit of the picture is no longer an unchanging border but shows the arbitrary point of view.