ODRADEK présente Liu Yi, œuvre sur papier

Danielle Rousseau and Liu Yi

17/01/2015 à 14:00

Liu Yi presents works on paper

From 13/12/2014 to 30/01/2015

From the early 1980s, Liu Yi practiced traditional Chinese calligraphy.
In order to acquire new means to develop his graphic techniques, he takes interest in the Japanese art of the stroke. In this way, he establishes a dialogue between the classical practice of writing and the modernity of the brush stroke. He also seeks correspondence between the genius of the most erudite calligraphers and the writings of masters of Western abstraction like Wassily Kandinsky.

In his calligraphic practice, he reduces the sign and distorts the structure of the character to let the structuring material speak. Ink is indeed at the center of his research and its manipulation tends to create washed out and deliberately discarded effects. Freed from the sign, the pictorial material acts on paper in an impregnation process that is both immediate and continuous. The composition is based on a tension of the motif in space and time. Renewed tension between background and form, white and black, speed and slowness, immediate and diffuse, empty and full.

For his exhibition at ODRADEK, Liu Yi presents works on paper.