Liu Yi is a professional artist in Beijing. He was born in 1964 in Weihai in the province of Shandong in China.
From the beginning of the 1980s, Liu Yi practiced traditional Chinese calligraphy. In order to acquire new means to develop his graphic device, he is interested in the art of Japanese linework. In this way, he brings the classical practice of writing into dialogue with the modernity of the brush stroke. He also seeks correspondences between the genius of the most learned calligraphers and the writings of masters of Western abstraction like Wassily Kandinsky.


1995 Sino-Japanese Lettering Art Exhibition, Liuzhou, Guangxi.
1995 The Second Session of the Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition, Weihai.
1999 The Sixth China Art Festival International Calligraphy Exhibition, Nanjing.
1999 Three Swordsmen Calligraphy Exhibition, China Art Gallery, Beijing.
2003 Art of Ink In Xi’an, Shaanxi History Museum, Xi’an.
2003 International Exhibition of Calligraphy Masters, Seoul Arts Center in Sept. 22th.
2003 Modern Calligraphy Nominate Exhibition, China Painting Studio, Nanjing in Nov.9th.
2004 Art of Ink in America, Alabama USA.
2005 Charm China – Abstract Ink Artist Joint Exhibition, Suojiaying Art Studio, Beijing.
2005 The Act of Writing and of Non-writing: International Modern Calligraphy Exhibition, Zhejiang Museum,
2006 Line Capsule Exhibition, Songzhuang Remote Gallery, Beijing.
2008 On the boarderline, Seoul International Calligraphy Biennale Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center on May 27th.
2008 China Ink Annual Joint Exhibition in 2008, Central Railway Museum in Beijing on August 16th.
2008 Sunshine International Arts Annual Exhibition, Sunshine International Museum on Sept. 26th.
2010 1st China Chinese ink biennale, FIELD OF ONE, Beijing, January.

Liu Yi, œuvre sur papier