EXHIBITION | Saint-Gilles


24/07/2021 à 14:00


04/09/2021 à 14:00

Work in progress

From 24/07/2021 to 04/09/2021

Collaborative drawings

In residence at the Rue Americaine this summer, Ulla Hase and Bettina Bosch invite us to take part in their artistic itinerary.

With open doors, the gallery welcomes visitors by proposing a preliminary exhibition, spurring them to participate by leaving behind, in a box, a word, a drawing or a trace. The two artists begin their actual residency with the examination of those messages. They set to work from what they collect and withhold, that is to say from what visitors have entrusted to them.

Ulla Hase bases her artistic practice on a search for depth of the line which she obtains through a tireless repetition of the gesture in interaction with her thoughts. This process of slow progression of the line, that is given free rein and then reconnected to herself, allows her to go deep. Space, in this case the paper medium, and the time that the hand takes to perform its multiple trajectories interact to reveal their intimate encounter.

Bettina Bosch, from her side, inspired by Plato’s myth of the cave, focuses on the play of shadow and light. From the technique of paper cutting which she practiced in Shanghai, she moves to the third dimension. The paper then becomes a material conducive to sculpture, its texture allowing a spatial and temporal rearrangement thanks to the light that passes through it.

Bettina Bosch and Ulla Hase, driven by the same concern to let matter, shapes or lines meet, allow us to reconnect with the simplest gestures. Both connect space and time to shadow and light via the nearby and far away.

Both, by repeating the line or cutting the paper, use scansion to make us lose our preestablished landmarks. In this sense, it is no longer our ego that is invited to perceive but our most sensitive intimacy. We take away a little subjectivity to gain in participatory communication.