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23/03/2023 à 18:00


22/04/2023 à 16:00

Terre en colère

From 24/03/2023 to 22/04/2023

Mouna Ikhlassy

Angry Earth

Mouna Ikhlassy’s creates all her works based on Google Maps.

In the series “Angry Earth”, maps of deserts serve as a point of departure for her sensitivity and imagination. Photos of dried out soils remind her that human communities lived in these places, that a civilization flourished there before the climate changed and rain became scarce.

Mouna Ikhlassy expresses her interrogations about these lands that have become inhospitable and can no longer support life. She resorts to a drawn writing, a language that asserts itself through gesture. This extralinguistic dimension touches us intimately because it is an incantatory process addressed to the suffering earth. Transcription of earth’s metamorphosis, it reminds us of our current relationship to the world.

Mouna Ikhlassy’s visualizations transfer to the surface of the paper the imprints of a bruised space on an inscribed space. The challenge of her work is to bring life to the support that absorbs her gestures. The traces she leaves there make us participate in the anger of the earth.

These drawn signs fight against our certainties, they carry us on a visual path where poetry and disorientation sharpen our glance. Their telluric force allows us to fight against the drying up of our thoughts and our lives.