28/09/2023 à 18:00


30/03/2024 à 16:00

Forms Interconnect

From 29/09/2023 to 30/03/2024


Forms Interconnect

In solidarity with the current challenges of biodiversity, five artists are mobilizing to bring about metamorphoses. Through them, we take part in the Great Time, before the modern partition of differences and identities. Let’s admit that we are organically constituted and that we are one with nature.  All we need to do is reconnect with our imaginary world to break down mental barriers and enter the in-between world of art and science.

Arlette Vermeiren, Ghita Remy, Pedro Riofrio, Silvia Bauer and Agustin David Llosa play with the hierarchy of species and the constraints of space and time, with the intention of straddling and crossing between past and present, reality and fiction. But they also mock the difference between the true and the false.

Arlette Vermeiren spins wrapping paper for candies, cookies or oranges to create huge assemblages using a knotting process. The disappearance of the content and the recovery of its negligible part enable the artist to remain in an utmost lightness material.

Ghita Remy’s crazy archaeology confuses the past with the future. Her findings reveal our postmodern present, and our garbage begins to speak volumes about possible encounters.

Pedro Riofrio brings ceramics to life by inoculating them with mushroom spores. In this way, he allows thought to unfold in rhizomes.

Silvia Bauer recycles cardboard, tires and rubber to create composite-textured alliances.

Last but not least, Agustin David Llosa takes a narrative approach, giving the forms he stages the power to tell a rebus story. His highly symbolic figures serve as a matrix for our individual and collective memory.

In all cases, the permanence of matter and the reality of fiction are at stake.

Simone Schuiten

Translated by Renaat Beheydt