Zhaoquan Yu presents at ODRADEK an interrogative work on what is happening in China and what is happening to him. Wondering how to form his own opinion about the world around him, he considers that thinking for oneself is an asset of Western consciousness. According to him, in China this way of thinking is not at the center of concerns because everything that is given to think comes from nature, family and tradition.

Painting, for him, then comes down to looking and to looking at oneself as honestly as possible. The  series “Fragments” is accompanied by original music called “Road” by Keemo. It is a representation of the contemporary individual oscillating between order and chaos. The religious atmosphere, inspired by Taoism, contains opposing elements which the road, or the “Tao” path, organizes and develops. This path is also the one that brings him from China to Brussels, that is to say from a socialist model to one of standardization of individualities


Beautiful new world 2015 oil and acrylic on canvas