In the framework of the exhibition of the Chinese sculptor Zhongying Shi in residency at ODRADEK, Philippe Brodzki invited the artist in his workspace and accepted to jointly exhibit with him for the last two weeks of Zhongying Shi’s exhibition at ODRADEK.

From Friday 20 September until Saturday 5 October, four sculptures and one drawing of the Belgian sculptor will enter into dialogue with the work of the Chinese artist.

Sunday 22 September, Zhongying Shi will present his works made in China and they will be brought into relation with the work of Philippe Brodzki. A discussion will be held between the artists and the public.

At first sight, the meeting between Philippe Brodzki et Zhongying Shi seems accidental given the cultural distance that separates them. On the one side, the singular characters presented in reserved postures, full of sweetness. These mysterious individuals are riding animals with whom they are forming an unusual duo. On the other, works inspired by chan Buddhism focusing on the being and the perpetual changing of all things. This work is based on an essential concern: the dynamism of nature and the circulation of energies and permanent fluidity. However, the two sculptors share the same need for interaction with animality. For Zhongying Shi, the human fusions with nature by sharing the same vital processes, be in through the circle of life of silk worms or goats. With Philippe Brodzki, the individual characters gently posed on mythical or domestic animals present strange duos. The artist ensures that their intimacy is well protected so that only the emptiness can bring them to life. With their silent language, the sculptures of Philippe Brodzki contain an emptiness that it is also common to Chinese esthetics.


 Wrestling 水墨、宣纸 Ink on Xuan Paper, 126×66cm, 2019