ODRADEK offers residencies for visual artists as well as an exhibition space, stimulating artistic creation and reflection.

ODRADEK is seeking to develop a dialogue between Far Eastern and Western aesthetics. To this end, Asian artists are invited to stay in Brussels and produce art works on site, related to their temporary immersion in European culture.

ODRADEK acts as an intermediary with art schools and other contemporary art institutions in Brussels – giving foreign artists the opportunity to propose workshops or to present their work to a range of places and audiences during their stay in Brussels.


ODRADEK is located close to the Horta Museum, between Ixelles and Saint-Gilles – two communes located in the centre of Brussels that are characterized by their thriving artistic activity. ODRADEK aims to benefit from this central location and proximity to different internationally established art galleries.

ODRADEK is a 3 month (maximum) residency offering invited artists the possibility to develop their work, followed by an exhibition to promote the artist’s work to the Brussels artistic community and beyond.

ODRADEK works on the basis of personal invitations but also welcomes voluntary applications. ODRADEK is orientated towards collaborations with Brussels contemporary art world– providing invited artists a place to stay, work and exhibit during their stay in Brussels. The apartment in the basement offers a comfortable living environment, including a fully furnished kitchen, a two-person bedroom and a bathroom. The exhibition space is located on the ground floor, which doubles as a workroom during the preparation of the show. A large working table, a reading corner and a Wi-Fi connection provide a convenient setting for guests. ODRADEK does not offer any remuneration or other type of financial support, but instead aims to facilitate the development of the artistic project and its exhibition through “logistical” support, brainstorming and networking.


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